Tight Fit (literally!)

Il y a des fois où malheureusement il faut aussi parler des produits qui sont loin d’être géniaux… et ce moment est arrivé! Ce matin je suis allée faire un petit tour dans mon centre commercial préféré. Comme le temps est loin de se réchauffer je suis constamment à la recherche de bas opaques noirs. Mission quasi impossible quand on fait du 50/52, 1m73 et surtout qu’on a de bons mollets et cuisses. Ceux de M&S Mode sont parfaits pour moi mais cela va faire des semaines qu’ils n’en rentrent plus. Ils devraient vraiment penser à en vendre toute l’année… Au moins sur le site. Bref, je vais voir le rayon Ann Harvey à l’Inno et que vois-je? Des bas opaques noirs! Génial je pense! Ils vont de la taille 1 (UK16-20) à la taille 3 (UK26-32). En regardant la size chart je devrais donc prendre un 2. Je ne prends pas de risque et prends le 3. A €9 la paire c’est encore très raisonnable. Et bien superbe déception je ne sais pas les monter jusqu’à ma taille! Vous vous rendez compte qu’ils sont sensés aller à une femme faisant du 26-32 donc du 60, et mois je fais du UK20/22! C’est dingue! Le paquet mentionne aussi qu’en 2 et 3 le mollet/cuisse sont plus larges. La bonne blague. Je trouve cela vraiment décevant d’une compagnie spécialisée dans les grandes tailles.

Sometimes you’ve got to talk about the products which are less than perfect… This moment has arrived! This morning I went to my favourite mall. Since the weather is still super cold I am always looking for black tights. This feels like a neverending quest when you’re a size 20/22, 1m73, and most of all you have large calves and tighs. So I went to Ann Harvey at Inno and what do I see? Black tights! Awesome I think! They come in size 1 (UK16-20) to 3 (UK26-32). According to the size chart I am a 2. But I don’t take any risk and go with the 3. At €9 (only £5 on their site) it’s reasonnable. Well I am super disappointed because I can’t even pull them to my waist! Can you believe they are supposed to fit a 26-32 woman, and I am only a 22? It’s crazy! The packaging also mentions that size 2 and 3 have a larger calf/thighs. What a joke! I think it’s really disappointing coming from a company that specializes in plus-size clothes.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    UGH the neverending hunt for tights! I wear dresses all year round and live in the mountains so I am ALWAYS buying tights – when I find ONE type that fits I buy a TON Of them because I know I won’t find them again!

    You should send them a righteous e-mail!

    - Sarah @ Return to Sender

  2. 2
    Katrin says:

    It is even hard enough for skinny woman who are tall to find a perfect fitting tight, I know cause my best friend always has problem with it.
    And for a small plussized girl it isn’t better. I must say the the ones from We Love Colors are my favorite since I first slipped in. They are soft and for me as a small person they go up to my breast ^^ Also they are very stretchy and comfy. I really do recommend them, even if it is kind of annoying that you have to order from the U.S which can get very expensive.

  3. 3
    Bethamint says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem with Evans tights before – sometimes they do fit and sometimes they should fit a woman much larger than me and still don’t. I’m a fellow size 20/22 and it definitely is a nightmare!

  4. 4
    admin says:

    Sarah – Yeah I might do that. Not sure it’ll help much though. I have to say it’s not the first time I’ve had a size problem with them. A few months ago I tried a dress from them at to go down to a 14 before it fit me! lol Really weird.

    Katrin – I have one pair of We Love Colors that they sent me to review a while back and yes they’re pretty good. I think I’ll reorder from them in a few months.

    Bethamint – I bought the largest Evans size in tights and they don’t fit great either. :( Like I said on Twitter the best ones for me are Spanx but they’re really expensive.

  5. 5
    Em. x. says:

    Tights are hard. I am wearing the ASOS CURVE ski pant tights today and wish they had better elastic in the waist… stronger. The best tights I buy are the cheapest I have found and are from a UK store called BHS (who just happen to own Evans too). I have to size down to a 16, but LOVE them. When I buy them, it is always truck loads! x.

  6. 6
    StephanieDJL says:

    This is so disappointing! The quest for decent tights is ridiculous, Evans tights in a size 2 used to be perfect for me and I can’t even get a size 3 all the way up! Too short in the leg, too big in the bum, too tight in the thigh…ridiculous. I’m tempted to try the New Look ones but at this point I fear it would be another waste of money.

  7. 7
    cafatteria says:

    I had a similar experience at C&A yesterday… I bought the XXL tights, which were supposed to fit a 54-56 (or 26-28 UK) and I’m a 52-54 FR (24-26 UK) for pants.. And of course, once I tried them back home it was too small!!! way too small…
    In my experience, only 2 brands are trustworthy concerning size charts : MS Mode and We love colors…
    Unfortunetaly, MS mode doesn’t have tights all year long, and We love colors is a bit expensive for us Europeaners!
    let’s hope size charting will improve!!

  8. 8
    big LOVE says:

    je vois que je ne suis pas la seule a faire ce que j’appele quasiment la ruée vers le collants c est extraordinaire moi je fais 1m74 entre 52 et 54 et bien j’ai abandonné j’ai eu froid cet hiver faites une effort les marques svp
    en tout cas j’appuie ton coup de gueule !!

  9. 9
    Annissa says:

    That happened to me with Evans tights! The size chart said they would fit perfectly, but noooooo, of course not. Oh well. Hopefully they were cheap.

  10. 10
    Elodie says:

    Il me semble que j’ai 5 ou 6 paires de collants MsMode encore emballées en rab’. Ca t’intéresse ? J’en avais acheté un énorme stock en constatant que “normalement” mon 54 rentrerait dedans mais niet. J’y suis boudiné comme tout. Alors j’en ai bien 5 ou 6 paires neuves.

  11. 11
    admin says:

    Em – I know BHS. I’ll have a look there next time I am in London.

    StephanieDJL – I know! I’ve tried the Evans ones too but not a great fit.

    Cafatteria – Oh the C&A ones suck! lol Tried them a few years ago but their size chart make no sense.

    big LOVE – Tu devrais essayer We Love Colors (http://www.welovecolors.com).

    Annissa – I know, disappointing since they also specialize in plus size.

    Elodie – Merci pour la proposition mais je vais passer. L’été va arriver quand même? lol


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